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Overload Control

There are 8 operational traffic control centres (TCC's) in the province, and each district has at least 1 TCC. The majority of the TCC's are on the N1, accounting for 5 TCC's (62%). The table below shows the profile of the TCC's. The main objectives of the TCC's are to monitor and manage overloaded vehicles. Some of the TCC's have Roadworthy Vehicle Testing facilities.


The graph below shows the number of vehicles weighed over a period of 15 years. Since 2002, it can be seen that there has been a huge increase in the number of vehicles being weighed. The decline observed in 2009 can be attributed to the effects of global recession that took place in 2008.


Figure: Vehicles weighed per annum in Limpopo (source: CSIR)

The percentage of overloaded vehicles since 2006 has been steady at 16% (about 60 000 per annum). The percentage of trucks charged for overload ranges between 5% and 8% since 2006. The figure below shows the graph of the relationships between the weighed vehicles, overloaded vehicles, and the chargeable vehicles.


Figure: Vehicles weighed, overloaded, chargeable per annum in Limpopo (source: CSIR)

Traffic Institutions Including Overload Control Centres Responsible For Overload Control In The Province

  • Rendered by 30 provincial traffic institutions
  • Traffic Training College at Manenu in the Vhembe district is responsible for formal traffic training and the training of examiners of driving licenses and vehicles