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Information Sources

Information for the Eastern Cape data bank were sourced from various role players in the freight industry. These sources varied from various government  departments, parastatals, industries, associations, internet, etc. It also included raw data that was gathered from 44 road surveys points that was conducted over a two month period. Throughout the Freight Transport Databank, corporate identities and names of firms are suppressed and merged into industry classifications. No transport operators are identified apart from obvious parastatal concerns which by the nature of monopoly situation are clearly identifiable.


The industries were selected for their known usage of freight transport in different modes. A fairly good level of assistance was provided to the interviewers, apart from a small number of organisations that were not willing to give information, or gave   such limited information as to be unusable. Respondents were assured that there will be no references to individual firms in the Data Bank and that all information supplied will be homogenised to remove any possibility of commercial disadvantage to the responding firms. A total of 70 companies were interviewed within the province of the Eastern Cape. A brief overview of the locations and products of the responding industries has been included in the databank from the freight transport information that was obtained over the 3 month period.


The information gathered relating to the government departments included the Eastern Cape Department of Roads and Transport and its various directorates, Department of Health, DTI, DEAT, DME, etc. Various parastatals were also contacted along with various associations. Below are the information source categories.


Information Source Categories: 


Main Sections                Information Sources 



Authorities                       Provincial & Municipal authorities (who deal with freight transport related authorities)


Cross Border 


Roads                              Provincial & SANRAL 


Road Freight                   Industries 

                                          Road Traffic Surveys 

                                          SANRAL & Provincial electronic counts 


Ports & Intermodal         Transnet  Port Terminals 

                                          Transnet National Port Authorities 


                                          Transnet Freight Rail 


Pipelines                         Transnet Pipelines 




Airfreight                           ACSA 


                                          Airfreight Logistical Operators 


Intermodal                       Industries 

                                          Transnet Freight Rail 


Industries                         Companies